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Guardian Edge - Store Detective Services

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Expert Store Detective Services

Combat retail theft and ensure customer safety with Guardian Edge’s Store Detective Services. Experienced detectives blend in seamlessly to monitor and protect.

Guardian Edge’s Store Detective Services provide specialised surveillance within retail environments to discreetly detect and prevent theft, ensuring a safe shopping experience. Our undercover detectives blend in with customers, observing behaviours and interactions to catch shoplifting and other suspicious activities without disrupting the shopping environment.

Guardian Edge - Store Detectives

Using a combination of advanced observational techniques and modern technology, our store detectives not only prevent losses but also help maintain a secure atmosphere for genuine customers. Their presence deters potential offenders, keeps your merchandise safe, and helps your staff focus on providing the best customer service.

Our detectives are meticulously trained in the nuances of retail operations, making them adept at spotting unusual activities. They work closely with store management to enforce security measures and can liaise with law enforcement to handle incidents effectively, ensuring minimal impact on your business and customer experience.

Discretion and Efficiency

Experienced Professionals

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Our Process

Strategic Undercover Operations

Our store detectives also provide detailed reports on security trends, offering insights that help refine your internal loss prevention strategies and training for retail staff.



Initial consultation to understand your store layout, high-risk areas, and specific security concerns.


Deployment of experienced store detectives who integrate into the shopping environment.

Ongoing Support

Regular updates and strategic adjustments to tactics based on the evolving needs of your store and feedback from retail operations.

Enhance Your Retail Security

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