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Professional Key Holding Services

Ensure the safety of your premises with Guardian Edge’s Key Holding Services. Discover our reliable, prompt, and secure key management solutions tailored for your business.

Guardian Edge provides dependable Key Holding Services to ensure your business premises remain secure and accessible at all times. Our trained professionals handle your keys with the utmost care, offering rapid response and access solutions whenever needed.

Our commitment to security extends beyond mere key holding. We integrate our services with your existing security systems, providing a holistic approach to your safety needs. By coordinating with our Alarm Response and Office Security Services, we ensure that every aspect of your security protocol works seamlessly together.

With keys held securely off-site, our authorised personnel can gain access to your premises swiftly in response to alarms or emergencies without delay. This ensures that any potential security breach is managed promptly and effectively, minimising risk to your property and ensuring continuity of business operations.

Immediate Access

Enhanced Security

24/7 Availability

Our Process

Simplified Security Management

Our expertly managed key holding process includes thorough vetting and training of all personnel involved, ensuring that every member of our team is equipped to handle your keys with the highest standards of security and professionalism.


Secure Storage

We store your keys in our high-security facilities, ensuring they are protected from theft or loss.

Rapid Deployment

In case of an emergency, our team is prepared to access and secure your site quickly.

Regular Audits

We conduct regular audits to ensure the integrity of our key holding service and compliance with security standards.

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Alongside our Key Holding Services, Guardian Edge offers a suite of complementary security services designed to provide comprehensive protection for any environment