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Comprehensive Security on the Move

Dynamic Mobile Patrol Services

Stay secure with Guardian Edge’s Mobile Patrol Services. Our dynamic patrols provide flexible, comprehensive security coverage for all types of properties.

Guardian Edge’s Mobile Patrol Services offer a proactive approach to security, ensuring your property is monitored and protected at all times. Our highly visible patrol units serve as a deterrent to criminal activity, providing regular checks and rapid response to incidents.


Utilising cutting-edge technology and real-time communication tools, our mobile patrols can cover large areas efficiently, making them ideal for industrial estates, corporate parks, and residential communities. Our teams are trained to identify and respond to security threats swiftly, ensuring the safety of your assets and peace of mind.

Each patrol route is strategically planned based on thorough risk assessments, tailored to meet the unique needs of your property. This targeted approach allows our patrols to focus on high-risk areas, enhancing overall security effectiveness and ensuring resources are utilised optimally.

Flexible Patrol Schedules

Advanced Technology

Trained Security Professionals

Our Process

Tailored Patrols for Maximum Security

Our mobile patrol teams are supported by a state-of-the-art control centre that coordinates operations and ensures communication lines are always open, facilitating a rapid response whenever needed.



Initial site evaluation to understand the layout and identify critical areas that require surveillance.

Customised Planning

Development of a patrol plan that matches your specific security requirements.

Active Patrols

Deployment of mobile units to monitor your property, equipped with the tools to handle any situation effectively.

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