Today we are proud to announce we have been approved as AMC Distributors & Installers for Wales.

About AMC

AMC is one of the leading manufacturers of alarm systems in Europe.

AMC Electronica was founded in 1974 and immediately obtained a huge response in the market. Within a few years the company established itself as a successful player within the security sector. The major impact which caused their leap to the forefront was high quality design!

AMC is always moving with the times and in the 90’s they designed their first remote controllable and radio system. In 1998 they presented their C136 Alarm control unit, a fully PC programmable system and the CR100 system, lithium-ion battery supplied alarm system.

While some AMC products are hardwired, there are wireless options available. With wired or wireless options available what you require all depends on the preference of the customer and application. The controller has 8/64 zones expandable to 16/64 and you can stretch things out with zone doubling. There’s also audio support onboard!

Today AMC has a well established international network which we are proud to be members. Being the sole AMC distributors & installers in Wales, we offer a wide selection of Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems for purchase by trade users.

AMC Installer Services

With our AMC Installer services you can benefit from AMC Alarm products at low cost prices for private or commercial clients.

The hardware, in these products are well-made, and the Italian design is executed nicely. There is no radical departure from what installers and end users would expect from their security solution.

All AMC security products designed and manufactured by highly trained specialists in AMC’s proprietary laboratory. With Wired and Wireless Security Systems with 10 years manufacturer’s warranty and very low competitive prices, offers the ultimate solution for customer safety.

The effectiveness of an AMC SECURITY alarm system is the proper construction and design in terms of the company that will do the installation.

Our company Guardian Edge Ltd with long experience is able to guarantee the safety of your valuable property.

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